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Saving chestnut trees is our Mission

With advanced technology and partners all over the world we fight the Pseudomonas Syringae also known as the Bleeding Canker disease.

famous Chestnut tree: Anne-Franks's Chestnut Tree

Monumental Chestnut tree Crogtdijk from 1820


Pseudomonas syringae

Bleeding canker (Pseudomonas Syringae pv aesculi) is a disease that affects horse chestnut trees (Aesculus hippocastanum). It was first reported in Britain in the 1970s, although it was recognised in the USA much earlier in the 1930s. Pre-2000.

our mission and goal

Our Mission is to supply the best technology available to experts to able them to save Chestnut trees which otherwise would have had to be cut down. Our Goal is to save as many Chestnut trees from being cut down as possible.


We work with Partners who we train to use our equipment for treatment of the Chestnut trees to cure them from the Pseudomonas desease. We welcome all new partners to help us fight the Chestnuttree Pseudomonas syringae and save the trees!

help us

You can help uw with our fight against the Pseudomoas Syringae disease and help us save as many chestnut trees as possible by reporting all sick chestnut trees or by making a donation so we can cure even more Chestnut trees in the future.

Chestnut Trees together

Chestnut Tree Treatment was founded in 2015 by dutch entrepreneurs who have a heart for environmental sustainability and love for parks and trees.

The company wishes to enlarge the public awareness of possibillities to cure weak and affected chestnut trees. Cutting down the tree is not always the only solution!


With the special developed heating blankets some chestnut trees affected by Pseudomonas syringae can now be saved with a treatment that will only take a few days.The sick tree will be wrapped in our special blankets that can warm up the tree and can kill most of the pseudomonas syringae bacteria. After the treatment the chestnut tree will be able to recover and clean up the remaining bacteria.


After the succesful tests with Anecdotal evidence as a result Chestnut Tree Treatment is now ready to take it a step further, a full-fledged Scientific field study with which the law of the large numbers can take effect.

We can not do this alone, we need the local governments and public's help to start more field studies to treat more sick chestnut trees. If you have seen a sick chestnut tree, or have questions about our Treatment program, please feel free to contact us on so we inform you or can add the tree to the map and list of chestnut trees in need of treatment. Report all sick chestnut trees! Let's do this together!

Our Work

What we do

Research & Development

We are monitoring the trees being treated with our system and this will help us develop more accurate knowledge about best practice.

Share Knowledge

We share our experience and knowledge about treating chestnut trees to help tree experts cure with a higher succcess rate.

We need your Help

You can help us by spreading the news that treatment of the chestnut trees is the better alternative to cutting them down,report sick chestnuttrees and donate so we can expand our network of experts.

Latest News




Report Chestnuttrees The Hague

Mr. F van Kuik, F. An inventarisation of the expansion of Pseudomonas disease in Chestnuttrees in The Hague, 2016 by Wageningen Plant Research. Report February 2017 in PDF.




Meeting new partner in UK

Next week we will have a conference call with a possible new partner in London, United Kingdom.





New partner in Holland

This week we will sit down with our new partner to discuss the Chestnuttree treatment project in Amsterdam-Holland




Chestnut Bleeding disorder Amsterdam

Report your Chestnut tree with bleeding disorder here:

Gemeente Amsterdam - Ruimte en Duurzaamheid (Mr. Hans Kaljee) See map here.



chestnut trees treatment


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